Monday, 29 October 2012

Welcome to the party

Good day to you.
I've been listening to lots of podcasts and reading blogs about 40k and gaming and thought to do it myself.
I had written a few articles about gaming for a 40k blog but that seems to have imploded and I will be putting a few up here over the next while. The things I like to play are boardgames, wargames and RPGs. While there are other things I spend my time on, those three are my main focus.
I am a member of my college gaming society Gamessoc and drop by once a week to play some games and run a scenario now and again. I travel to the gaming cons around Ireland when I can and also volunteer at Ireland's premier anime and manga convention Eirtakon. Since this post will include some other shameless plugs I would check out The Adventuring Party for a weekly podcast by some wise old men of Irish gaming and for warhammer there is Space Wolves Grey.

I shall be posting about whatever comes my way from all of those various aspects of gaming. I hope you enjoy and any comments are welcome.

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