Monday, 19 November 2012

Eirtakon games.

It is over. After a long weekend of volunteering Ireland's biggest Anime, Manga, Cosplay and Gaming event is finished. The gaming section was a success and thanks to the great organisation of Sinéad Cawley went off without a hitch. In my little corner of the convention, we ran the four games and held the pokemon ccg event. The games ran well and it appears I was the only GM that killed anyone. The others were either too nice or the players just rolled too well.

My Vampire game ran, it was a lot better than my playtest of the game and the players won. The setting was not your normal nWOD vampire setting, for anyone that remembers Soul Reaver and the other Legacy of Kain games for the pc and playstation welcome to Nosgoth. I set the game in the fledgling vampire nation, Kain had not yet struck out from the sanctuary of the clans to conquer the world. The party of vampires had to work together and use their unique skills to sneak a satchel of information out of a city and to meet the assembled clans. They had to do this within a time frame and to do it without letting people know there were any vampires left.
When I say the guys won, it's a little complicated. One of the party managed to sneak out of the city, avoid the guards and brought all the secret documents. The other guys.. died horribly and the city watch know vampires are back.

I think will run another scenario based on the outcome of this game, a trojan horse type scenario just before the city is raided.

So when it comes to Eirtakon next year I think there will be more games and possibly a few different slot times. What I would love to see is a whole mess of wargamers and 4 rpg slots with the ccg competitions that they have run in the past but that's not my call. Yet....

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